Advanced twitter Marketing

Twitter is a great platform to use for marketing, because of it’s simplicity and greatly expanded capabilities. By using Twitter Cards, Micro-Targeting, and Twitter Chats, it is possible to make sure that the right people see your brand and get excited about your product. Twitter growth and engagement can be very rewarding, especially when the right techniques are applied.

As summarized, there are 9 types of cards that are optimized for what information you would like to share, and how you want to reach your audience:

What you can expect to learn:
  1. Summarycard
  2. Large photo summarycard
  3. Photo card
  4. Gallerycard
  5. Player card
  6. Product card
  7. App card
  8. Lead generationcard
  9. Websitecard


Date : Nov 17, 2017
Price : 40 000 cfa